Have you ever spotted our heritage wall when you’ve visited The Fish Inn? 

Behind the well established business, I have a long line of fish and chip owners within my family and I’m proud of our history in the industry, it’s in our blood! 

Here’s a snippet into my family history within the fish and chip industry and the people who have helped The Fish Inn become what it is today:

Pat and Andy – Starting with the roots of the business, my parents started out in 1976 with Priory Fish Bar located in Staffordshire which was then taken on by my uncle and auntie, Louie and Bobbie in 1994.

Louie and Bobbie – My uncle and auntie had several fish and chip businesses. They ran the Family Fish Bar in Bedfordshire from 1982-1986, before taking on their next venture with Meir Fish Bar in Stoke-on-Trent in 1990.

Lambros – Continuing in the family, my brother started out in Stoke-on-Trent with Bucknall Fish Bar which he owned between 2006-2010. Lambros then took on Tony’s Fish Bar in Gorleston-on-Sea which is still a popular favourite to this day.

Mike and Maria – My wife, Miranda, also has great family ties in the industry. Her parents opened up their Wolverhampton chip shop, Rockery Nook in 1980 for six years before starting a new business in 1987. Mike and Maria owned Mike’s Golden Fish Dish in Elmstead Market all the way up to 2014. 

Miranda’s grandparents – Last but not least, Tony’s Fish Shop in Surrey was also in the family since 1980, where Miranda’s grandparents served the local community for three whole decades.

With all this experience, you can guarantee delicious fish and chips from us time and time again.

Pop in and view our heritage wall and order some hot and tasty fish and chips whilst you’re here!

From Lucas at The Fish Inn